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2024 July
What is Gothic Music?
Concept, Photography, AI Prompt Engineer, Retouches~Tom Libertiny

Gothic Music ~ Today

“We love playing live. During one tour, we drove 4,000 miles in the UK. They are the most passionate about metal music with female lead singers.” ~ Giada Celeste Chelli, lead vocals and piano, Violet Blend.

Join us for our interview with Violet Blend.

What is Gothic Music?

We’ve interviewed almost a dozen bands, and the one thing in common is that Gothic Music is diverging. With the reintroduction of singles as opposed to albums and the addition of higher-quality streaming music services, niches of Gothic Music are becoming prevalent.

This is where your viewpoint continues to grow in importance.  What is a gothic artist or song from the 2020s that you love?

Let us know on X (Twitter) or Instagram, and we’ll include them in upcoming music reviews and interviews and add them to our evolving Spotify playlists.

Join us for the history of Gothic Music and how you can help determine where it goes in the future.

Gothic Girl Art Magazine Mia


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