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Violet Blend Music Interview ~ Gothic Girl Art Magazine

Violet ~ The color of Florence, Italy, Violet Blend’s home.

Blend ~ Our music is a mix of metal, rock, punk, and progressive.

~ Giada Celeste Chelli, lead vocals, Violet Blend

~ Great songs.

~ Opening for Radiohead in front of 65,000 people.

~ Accolades throughout Europe and the UK.

All of the artists we’ve interviewed have this in common~ to truly experience our music, join us at one of our live performances.

But what if you love Violet Blend’s music but live in the Western Hemisphere?  Then you’re in luck because they’ve recently released their 17-song Live and True album.

Speaking of living in different hemispheres, we virtually sat down with Giada Celeste Chelli (lead vocals, piano, orchestration) to learn more about what drives her to write music, how the band started, and where she envisions them going in 2024 and beyond.

(Interview continues after the photograph)

Violet Blend.  Gothic Girl Art Magazine
Violet Blend
(Left to Right) Ferruccio Baroni~bass
Michel Agostini~drums, vocals
Giada Celeste Chelli~ lead vocals, piano, orchestration
Photograph used by permission

Gothic Girl Art Magazine~ Where is home?

GIADA CELESTE CHELLI~ “Florence, Italy.”


Gothic Girl Art Magazine~ There’s a considerable amount of history associated with Florence.

GIADA CELESTE CHELLI~ “Yes, it’s a beautiful ancient city that has been associated with art for a long time.  Ironically, getting new music heard in the city can be challenging because of the weight of our history.”


Gothic Girl Art Magazine~ Do you find being in Florence creating a challenge to reach your audience?

GIADA CELESTE CHELLI~ “With the internet and social media, location doesn’t matter.”


Gothic Girl Art Magazine~ How did you get started in music?

GIADA CELESTE CHELLI~ “As a child, I started singing opera and then discovered Tori Amos. I met Michel (Agostini~drums, vocals) when I was looking for a session drummer for my solo project.  We formed the band soon afterwards.  In 2017, we decided to become serious about music which is when Ferruccio (Baroni~bass) joined us.

We all love different aspects of metal.  I love alternative metal and art rock.  Michel is a metalhead and Ferruccio loves progressive rock.  It’s where the word “Blend” in Violet Blend came from.”


Gothic Girl Art Magazine~ You’re very committed to live performances.

GIADA CELESTE CHELLI~ “Yes! We love playing live. During one tour, we drove 4,000 miles in the UK. They are the most passionate about metal music with female lead singers.”


Gothic Girl Art Magazine~ Who is the writer and the lyricist?

GIADA CELESTE CHELLI~ “I’m the producer, writer, and lyricist for most of our songs.  I usually write at the piano when I’m angry with someone or feeling blue.  Pain and rage are great motivators!  Once I have a song written, then everyone gives their feedback and unique take on it during recording and live performances.”


Gothic Girl Art Magazine~ Your albums have very distinct titles and visuals associated with them. What’s the meaning behind each one?

GIADA CELESTE CHELLI~ “In 2018, we released White Mask, which is about our relationship with social media.  

Then, after a lot of touring, we released Demons in 2022. It continues the story of White Mask, with the mask representing the many facets one person’s personality can have; from joy to fear.

To celebrate our love for life shows, we released Live and True in 2023. It’s an entire concert that we performed in Florence.

I’m already writing songs for our new album. Yes, it will be another mask-themed album, this time exploring how we hide behind personal disguises. But I don’t know if that will be the final direction.


Gothic Girl Art Magazine~ Which is your favorite song?

GIADA CELESTE CHELLI~ “Voices in My Head. It’s a reply to all my haters from the web. Hundreds of people can say beautiful things, and then I’ll focus on the one bad comment.

In the video, I play a woman in a psychiatric hospital. It took me 3 days to write all the words on the walls!”

(Interview continues after the video)


Gothic Girl Ar Magazine~ What does success mean to you?

GIADA CELESTE CHELLI~ “How our music moves people is the point. Especially if someone says: ‘Your music helped me in some way.'”


Cover photo~

Violet Blend
Giada Celeste Chelli~ lead vocals, piano, orchestration
Photograph used by permission


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