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Álex Pérez Artist Interview ~ Gothic Girl Art Magazine

From our Vault.

As you would expect, we have a vault. And in it is photographer Álex Pérez.

Pérez described himself as a photographer of “goth fetish photographic nightmare,” with Deadlywood being a long-term photographic project.

Originally from Sillobre, Spain, Pérez now lives in Dordrecht, Netherlands.

Although he’s worked with many models, Spanish model Silvia Sanchez has been a fascinating muse.

Join us for his interview from 2012, featured below as part of our June 2023 magazine.


Gothic Girl Art Magazine~ What is the meaning behind Deadlywood? 

ÁLEX PEREZ~ I needed a name for my exhibition which was closely related to my style. I’ve always loved those old elegant Hollywood movie stars portraits, Marlene Dietrich style, for instance… and I was listening to Sixx A.M.’s Deadlihood, so I was lucky my brain made a good combination, which made sense, sounded good, and hadn’t been used by anyone yet. That’s what Deadlywood is, a collection of portraits of people I love who are deadly attractive, shown under a halo of elegance.


Gothic Girl Art Magazine~ Are there specific photographs that you shot for this particular project?

ÁLEX PEREZ~ I never shoot any pic particularly for my project. Of the many pics I take, sometimes I find anyone which is shocking enough and which has what it takes to be included. In fact, I’d like to say it’s not a collection of my best pics. Of course, I’ve tried to offer my best, but those are just pics which put a ten-mile-wide smile on my face when I remember my time and relationship with those people.

Deadlywood is ONLY about friendship… I’ve got very good pics of models whose behavior has been disappointing; they would never be part of my project, even if those were my best pics ever!


Gothic Girl Art Magazine~ What type of ice cream do you like the most? 


Aaaaaaaaaaall of them! But maybe I would say vanilla…


For our Spanish friends, here’s an interview with Álex Pérez about Deadlywood.


Cover image ~ Tom Libertiny

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