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From our Vault.

As you would expect, we have a vault.  And in it, was HYDRA.

“HYDRA is a symphonic (death) metal band from Regensburg, Germany. The band released two full length albums so far and the third album, which already can be pre-ordered, is currently in the making.”

Gothic Girl Art Magazine~  Where in Germany is Hydra’s home?

LISA RIEGER~ HYDRA is located in the southern region of Germany. We have our rehearsal room in Regensburg so I’d say this is our home city.


Gothic Girl Art Magazine~  How did you and Chris meet?

LISA RIEGER~ Chris and I met through the internet. He contacted me because he wanted to do a melodic or power metal project. It turned out that we can write songs together very well and so we decided to release a whole CD and to finally form the project into a real band. Soon we realised that we wanted to go into a symphonic direction and – tada – HYDRA was born.


Gothic Girl Art Magazine~  How did you meet Jens and Clemens?

LISA RIEGER~ We met Jens through another guitarist and from the beginning he was quite happy with our musical direction. He agreed to be the drummer in our band. After our last bass player has quit the band, we searched for a good replacement. Soon we got in contact with Clemens and it took us only a few weeks to realise that he is perfectly skilled for HYDRA and also a quite nice guy worth a friendship.


Gothic Girl Art Magazine~  Who writes Hydra’s music and lyrics?

LISA RIEGER~ Chris is writing the instrumentals of our songs, at least most of them. For Malachite Skies, our debut album I have written some small instrumental parts as well. But if we talk about our current release Solar Empire I can tell you that Chris has written every instrumental part of it. Sometimes I come up with little ideas but Chris is the one who „forms“ the ideas. So far I have written all the lyrics for HYDRA. Malachite Skies deals with topics such as mythology, fantasy, science fiction or even psychology. Our second release Solar Empire is a concept album. I have written a short story that goes along the whole album – you can buy the story together with the CD as a special edition.


Gothic Girl Art Magazine~  How does your music and “melodic metal” relate to Goth?

LISA RIEGER~ I think the biggest relation is when it comes to festivals and fans. Lots of fans that enjoy our music enjoy Gothic as well and are in that scene. If you look at festivals like Wave Gothic Treffen or Mera Luna Festival you can clearly see that bands of our genre is playing there next to gothic acts. I think that especially the dramatic, cinematic orchestral sounds of Symphonic Metal appeal a lot to some Gothics.


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