Gothic Girl Art Magazine Jenna Ode

Cover ~ Gothic Girl Art Magazine

2017 October
Concept & Photography~Tom Libertiny
Model~Jenna Ode
Costume~AJ Martina
HMUA~Charlee HM
HMUA assistant~Tracy Noe
Master Gardner~Sue Libertiny
Prop Masters~Anna Libertiny, Tom Libertiny
Manicurist~Tiffany E. Smith

Gothic Gardens

Architecture has always been part and parcel with Goth.  Sarah Gaugler & Paolo Peralta, from the band TURBO GOTH, wrote in our recent interview~

“In addition, we admire gothic architecture from the 12th century which originated when they took the traditional Romanesque arch and pulled it upward, creating a pointed arch which is stretched upward,to be long, tall and thin.”

We couldn’t agree more.  And in many cases, the surrounding garden, whether it’s flowering plants or a dark forest, is an integral part of gothic architecture and many times lends the feel to gothic art.

For our 2017 October cover, our usual creative team collaborated with Susan Libertiny (Master Gardner), Anna Libertiny (Prop Master), and Jenna Ode (Model) to create what we believe is our best work to date.

During our photoshoot, set within Susan’s Victorian garden, the prominent green color palette of late summer in Michigan is boldly complimented by Andrew “AJ” Martina’s red and black costume design and Anna’s matching Victorian couch. Charlee HM (MUHA), Tracy Noe (MUHA assistant) and Tiffany E. Smith (Manicurist) brought the sublime to our color palette with Jenna gracefully pulling it all together.

And then there was the three-hour long wasp attack. We have the behind-the-scenes video of more wasps than we can count attacking one of our Nikon cameras positioned on a tripod just over their hidden underground lair. Apparently, wasps are Canon camera fanboys in disguise. While our camera survived the attack, congratulations to the wasps for demonstrating tireless determination. Fortunately no people were injured and we believe the wasps finally left because they spied someone using a Sony camera.

Gothic Girl Art Magazine Jenna Ode
Jenna Ode

Photo used by permission

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