Gothic Girl Art Magazine Secret Lie

Secret Lie Music Review ~ Gothic Girl Art Magazine

Brusque and Gentle

Pedro Teixeira Silva’s project Secret Lie veers between these two extremes. Blackout is an appropriate illustration where he weaves his emotional rollercoaster into a wonderful nightmare of life from their debut album Behind the Truth.

“So wake up, open up your eyes.”

Gothic Girl Art Magazine Secret Lie
Secret Lie

Quiet storytelling accompanied by piano peacefully starts our journey which is then crushed with Secret Lie’s full vocal and band slaughter.

Sara Madeira’s serene vocal textures sooth away the after-images as she soars above the madness.

“…we are wasting our lives…so open our eyes.”

We found it essential to listen to Beautiful Wild Rose many times during our recovery from Blackout. It’s hard to imagine that brusque and gentle can live in one concept or even one song but Secret Lie pulls it all together in song after wonderful song.

Five of Five Black Roses ~buy their album today  GGAM



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