Music Review~Secret Lie

Brusque and Gentle Pedro Teixeira Silva’s project Secret Lie veers between these two extremes. “Blackout” is an appropriate illustration where he weaves his emotional rollercoaster into a wonderful nightmare of life from their debut album “Behind the Truth. “So wake up, open up your eyes.” Quiet storytelling accompanied by piano peacefully starts our journey which […]

Gothic Girl Art Magazine November 2012

November 2012 Cover

Gothic Girl Art Magazine~September 2011 As a child growing up in Poland, model Elizabeth loved legends and the stories she heard and read.  Her interest in all things Gothic and horror soon followed. “I always liked the combination of romanticism and darkness; my work reflects my soul. What is for some people terrible for me […]

Artist Interviews

Beginning in November, we’ll be starting our interviews with Goth artists who work in the paint, digital and photography realms.