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2017 October~Gothic Gardens

Architecture has always been part and parcel with Goth.  Sarah Gaugler & Paolo Peralta, from the band TURBO GOTH, wrote in our recent interview~ “In addition, we admire gothic architecture from the 12th century which originated when they took the traditional Romanesque arch and pulled it upward, creating a pointed arch which is stretched upward,to […]

Music Review~TURBO GOTH

It’s All in Your Mind It’s very late at night and the morning sun is just about to break above the Detroit skyline.  The water in the river has that delicious oily black look to it.  All the while I have TURBO GOTH’s song Venus Flytrap on repeat, pumping through a refurbished set of Altec […]

Gothic Girl Art Magazine

Goth Music

A few days ago, we relaunched Gothic Girl Art Magazine.  What better way to celebrate than to dive into the state of Goth music across the world.  For June and July we’re on an exploration to find out the state of Goth music. But more importantly, our intent is to discover the motivation between music […]

Gothic Girl Art Magazine

2017 July~Goth Music

Symphonic, progressive rock, and metal are a few of the genres that many people name when they think of Goth music.  But what else is out there? What’s the state of Goth music in America, Asia, and Europe?  Are there other places where Goth music is being written? And what’s the motivation behind the music […]

Gothic Girl~What’s Old is New

Welcome to Gothic Girl Art Magazine.  A new welcome with our original aesthetic.  In a word~Dark. Gothic artists, you’re invited to send us your art for inclusion in our July magazine.  Please E-mail: Art for this news article by Oscar Keys, Normaby, New Zealand. Tom Libertiny~Editor in Chief

Gothic Girl Art Magazine December 2012

Tell the Shiny Ones to Hide

Dark friends, welcome to the New Year.  We’re getting ready to pull our magazine back into the darkness.  Tell the shiny ones to hide; we’ll be walking about in 2017.

Music Review~Haflife

A ranting nightcrawler out for some bootycore Haflife’s music sounds like it’s written in their historic Detroit home.  The wizardry located in their art-house hideout offset by a matte-black, 60’s era Cadillac droptop sitting in front.  If the Cadillac isn’t there, it should be. Pushing steel ‘til the red eyes drift away. I admit it, […]